Take Your Consulting Business to an Even Higher Level… Without Pulling Out Your Hair Trying to Build Your Automated Marketing System Yourself.

Attention! Coaches, Consultants and Professional Service Providers: I’m Pretty Sure This Directly Affects You.

Are You Ready for the tidal wave of business coming your way?

According to Forbes, consulting is a $100 billion per year industry and is predicted to grow 83% by 2018. If you don’t have an effective, Automated Marketing System in place for your business already, We need to talk. You are literally throwing away thousands of dollars every day.

Here’s the deal…

For a very limited time and number of people, I’m offering to build out three of the most important online sales funnels your business needs to continually drive 5 star prospects through the front door of your business.


I know it sounds crazy that I’d be doing this for you and you’re probably already thinking there must be a catch. And there is… (However, it’s actually good for you!)

…But we’ll get to that in a second. First let me show you what it is I’ll be doing for you and why it’s so important for your business.

Here’s the three online sales funnels I will be building for you.


Part of the magic is how we connect them to work together as a “mini super-system”. Stick with me here and I’ll explain further. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief for now. The last thing I want to do is waste either of our time.

The 3 Core Sales Funnels:

1. The Hot Lead Campaign for people who know you
2. The Warm Lead Campaign for medium level prospects
3. The Cold Lead Campaign for people who’ve never heard of you

By correctly setting up these three entry points  to your marketing system and connecting them to work together, you can automatically move prospects naturally through your sales funnel. Filtering out the top 5 star prospects that have now qualified themselves for you through a series of automated emails that deliver good will and value. This approach will not only help you feel much better about “selling” your services but will also actually help people along the way, while building trust and authority for your reputation.

Through the automated delivery of your magnetic messaging you will in fact be attracting your prospects to YOU and the VALUE you can bring them.

Sound good so far?

But hey, let’s face it, no one likes doing this kind of back-end “techie stuff” for themselves. I’m willing to do it for you for FREE just to win your future business. Partly because I enjoy doing it. But also because it’s how I find and attract new 5 star dream clients for my business.

OK, so if you’re interested in getting my help we can schedule a quick call to confirm that we’re a good fit to work together. If we find that I can really help you grow your business then we can plan for our next steps together.

Simply click on the link below to apply. Or contact me directly to let me know that you’re serious and we can schedule our initial 10-15 minute call.

From there, if we decide to move forward, the next step is a 60-90 minute strategy mapping session. Where we will get down to the nuts and bolts of what will be needed from you to put your new “Automated Online Marketing System” into action. Plus we will architect  and build out a custom road map, designed specifically for your business. You can keep the plan we build whether we end up working together or not for FREE. 

***This is NOT a marketing email list you’re joining. It’s a very exclusive and limited special offer that won’t last long and is not for everyone.

Click the link below to apply.  You can also email me at: freesalesfunneloffer(@)fomapublishing.com or feel free to call and leave a message that you’re interested toll free at 1-888-850-3777. Just mention the Free Sales Funnel Offer and I will get back to you for our initial call ASAP!


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